Get Familiar Radio | A Get Familiar Inc. Company
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GFR will speak to the generation that wants to be inspired, motivated, enlightened, informed and entertained. Get Familiar Radio will be the new home for those needing to be heard. We won't be constricted by politics or limited to a 20 song playlist. We will play what is hot and needs to be heard, period!

Get Familiar Radio has an open door policy for dope! No radio platform with the power Dash has, has ever welcomed anyone including the unsigned artist to submit their music. We intend to help the world get Familiar with new emerging talent as well as all the hot new music from all of your favorite Hip Hop artists.

GFR is a station for the people by the people. In addition to the music component, you will also hear GFR 1 minute inspiring words and anecdotes to success from some of the top professionals in their field from Daymond John to Dr Phil.

"...I always understood how to bring different groups together and get them to understand each other and I want to use GFR to continue to do this. There are huge communities who are not aware of each other and what they are doing or how they can benefit from one another. I am the guy that not only gets it all but can get them in the same room and show them how to grow together."

- Clinton Sparks
with the hottest new hip hop station in the world.
...has triumphed on internet, satellite and terrestrial radio for fifteen years and counting—winning countless awards including Mix Show DJ of the Year. He is responsible for breaking new music, shifting cultures, introducing countless new artist, influencing DJs, and building the blueprint for mixshow radio as we know it.

Clinton exploded onto the scene as one of the game’s top mixtape DJs; in fact, he co-founded and owned the largest mixtape ecommerce store, Later, he was podcasting his DJ shows before the word podcast had even broached popular parlance. 
Simply, Clinton Sparks see trends before anyone else and monitors the pulse of pop culture. He has a knack for understanding cultures and how they will shift OR how to shift them. Ask anyone from DJ Khaled to Akon. It’s why Diddy enlisted him not only as a Ciroc Boy but also as his tour DJ. It’s why Eminem recruited him to help launch his new radio station. It’s his talent and innovative vision that's allowed him to work with everyone from Yahoo to Samsung to New Balance to Pepsi. It’s how he found and signed young talent like DJ Snake a decade ago and still works with him to this day, to the tune of millions of records sold.

Speaking of millions and milestones: Clinton is responsible for more than 17 million album sales, having produced for Beyoncé, Pitbull, 2 Chainz, Akon, Rick Ross, Ludacris, T.I., Ty Dolla Sign, lil' Uzi and many more. He also earned a Grammy nomination for his role in Lady Gaga's Born This Way album.

"Clinton Sparks influences cultures." - Diddy

"Clinton doesn't have his hand on the pulse. He is the pulse." - Pitbull

When Clinton Sparks talks, people listen. Get Familiar.